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First steps on the server.

When you create your first character, you will have the opportunity to choose 10 skills that will immediately increase by 100.
Following that, complete a short quest that won't take much of your time.
To start the quest, take the ticket in your backpack and toss it to the NPC, The Youthful Trainer.

As a reward, you will receive a set of armor, 50,000 gold, and an infinite lockpick that will definitely come in handy.
Throughout the game world, many useful items are hidden in chests, ranging from gold to enchantment scrolls.

At the column, you can get everything you need for skill advancement for free. On the island, you'll find everything necessary for crafting skill advancement and more.

Commands available to players:

[resme - resurrect character
[getpet - summon pets
[loot - auto-loot settings in master storage
[bandageself - use bandages
[c - write a message in the general chat
[afk - set character as AFK
[donate - donate unwanted items for newbies

House management:

I wish to lock this down - Locks down an item in your house.
I wish to secure this - Secures a container in your house. Each secure container can hold 125 lockdowns.
I wish to release this - Releases a lockdown item or a secure container.
I wish to place a trash barrel - Places a trash barrel right where your character is standing.
Remove thyself - Ejects a player or creature from your house.